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Illinois Events in May 2019


May 1:  SCBWI Network, 7pm, The Book Market, Glenview, IL


May 2:  Off-Campus Writers Workshop, 9:30 am, Winnetka, IL


May 2:  SCBWI Network, 7pm, Oak Park, IL


May 3-5:  SCBWI Marvelous Midwest Regional Conference, Naperville, IL


All-Genre Intensive (May 3): 

"What Do You Think You Are Doing?"


We will consider our intentions and aspirations, our goals as people and writers, and if and how our stories' themes reflect our deepest selves, our intentions, beliefs, and hopes for ourselves and for our readers. We will discuss what motivates us and keeps us going, as well as, in a process that goes well beyond a simple listing of goals and objectives, begin the work of developing our individual and unique Writer's Statements.


Novel Breakout Session (May4):

"POV Revision Challenge"


In a short mini-lesson on how to achieve greater emotional resonance and immediacy in first person and third person close-in points of view, I'll will give you some "rules" to follow and some sentences to rewrite during the session. We will read and discuss the results. Think of this as a group game for practicing and sharing techniques in characterization.


 Closing Keynote (May 5):

"Writing and the Writing Life:  Becoming the People We Need to Be to Write What We Need to Write


As we go forward into our everyday writing lives, we want to take with us renewed energy, faith, hope, and love for our work, our readers, and ourselves. With our imaginations unleashed and our revision-minds honed, we will each leave with a greater sense of self and understanding of how we fit into the writing life ahead of us.